Pay More Attention On Sanitary Condition Of Kids Toys

Pay More Attention on Sanitary Condition of Kids Toys



Nowadays, parents are always too busy so that they buy too many kids toys for their children to play for killing time. Of course, kids\’ intelligence can be developed from the playing process. All in all, kids toys such as plush toys, toy bus and RC cars model are the essential partners in children\’s daily life. However, if you are scrupulous parents, you should notice that your kids always put their favorite toys on the floor to play, where is so dirty. Under such circumstance, toy are more likely to be contaminated by the bacteria, viruses and parasites, all of which are the accomplice of transmitting diseases.

According to the detection by bacteriologist, if you give children a toy and ask them to play for ten days, by the way, the toy is cleaned and disinfected before giving to children. Ten days later, the number of bacteria on the plastic toys is up to over 3000, and on the wooden toys, the number of bacteria is nearly 5000, what\’s more, the number of bacteria on the toys which is made from fur is actually more than 20000. When you hear this figure, do you think it is so terrible. Yes, parent should not only buy too many kids toys for children, but also pay more attention on cleaning and disinfecting kids toys regularly. As for how to clean and disinfect toys, the methods are depend on the different material of the toys. For example, when cleaning toys made from fur and cotton, you should firstly put them under the blazing sun for quite a long time. When cleaning wooden toys, you can use boiled water to wash. When cleaning the toys made from metal or tinplate, you can firstly use soap-suds to wash and then put them under the sunshine. Finally, when cleaning plastic and rubber toys, you can use all kinds of disinfectant to soak and then wash and dried.

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In addition, as parents, you should ask children not to put toys casually at home. If conditions allow, there would be a relatively fixed place for kids to play with toys. At the same time, you can buy a special cupboard or toy box to keep toys. Children should not play toys in the kitchen or bathroom.

When playing with toys, children should not bite the toys with mouths because by this way the bacteria can easily be entered into mouth which would result in serious consequence.

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