Viktor Schreckengost dies at 101

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Viktor Schreckengost, the father of industrial design and creator of the Jazz Bowl, an iconic piece of Jazz Age art designed for Eleanor Roosevelt during his association with Cowan Pottery died yesterday. He was 101.

Schreckengost was born on June 26, 1906 in Sebring, Ohio, United States.

Schreckengost’s peers included the far more famous designers Raymond Loewy and Norman Bel Geddes.

In 2000, the Cleveland Museum of Art curated the first ever retrospective of Schreckengost’s work. Stunning in scope, the exhibition included sculpture, pottery, dinnerware, drawings, and paintings.

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Australia men’s national wheelchair basketball team beat Japan 80-49 in final game of pool play

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Homebush Bay, New South Wales —Last night, the Australia men’s national wheelchair basketball team beat Japan 80–49 in their final game of pool play at the Rollers & Gliders World Challenge taking place at at the Sport Centre at the Sydney Olympic Park and are through to the first place match.

The contrast between the two teams was seen in their wheels: almost every Australian player had a four wheeled chair that gave them increased stability while every single Japanese player had three wheels, which gave them great maneuverability. Japan played the aggressor throughout the match, with several players aggressively blocking with wheelchair on wheelchair contact. Both sides were loud, chanting defense, defense, defense when their side was on that side of the court.

The first quarter was closely fought, with Japan racking up 5 by 5:54 left in the first. They successfully took a lead of 17–16 by the end of the first quarter. They were unable to hold the lead, with Australia holding a 40–24 lead at the end of the first half. Australia’s lead at the end of the third was 61–34. While Japan increased their total points in the fourth quarter, they failed to defend against Australia who continued to answer back basket for basket for the game to end 80–49.

Australia plays in the first place match later today. Their London Paralympic campaign starts on August 30 against South Africa.

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What Is A Business Candle Making Plan? (And Why Do I Need A Business Plan For Making Candles?)

By Veronica Miller

Lots of people who are new to starting a home candle business have heard that they need a business candle making plan, but dont really know what one is or why they need to have one. This article provides a simple explanation of what a business plan for making candles is.

A business plan for any new business, including a business plan for making candles, is an outline of all the important aspects of the business and how they are going to work over the first year of trading. It is just like any other plan it provides a detailed map, blueprint or chart for you to plot your course on how to get from zero (no candle business) to the end game – a profitable, functioning candle business that is growing.

Business plans are really useful documents for anyone starting a business for the first time, because they help you plan in thorough detail every aspect of what you are going to do. And a little planning up front can help avoid a whole lot of grief later.

Most people write a business candle making plan to get either grant money or investment. But the best reason for creating a business plan for making candles is for your own benefit. You may think youve got it all mapped out, but trust me, as soon as you start trying to write it down gaps will appear. (This is a good thing by the way!)

People tend to be scared of business plans because they have never seen one. This is reasonable! Clearly if you have never seen a business plan of any kind the idea of creating a business plan for making candles from scratch might be a bit daunting!

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Once youve read a few though, youll realise they are all pretty similar. They are formal documents that follow a standard layout and content, with just a little variation to account for the differences between individual types of businesses.

The main variation between most business plans is simply how well they are written, NOT the actual content. A business plan is as much about persuading the reader that you know what you are doing as it is about what you are doing.

What does a business plan for making candles cover?

The business plan will look at the product or service you are going to sell. Clearly for a business candle making plan this will be about the candles you will be making. You will be quite specific about the kinds you will make, the materials you will use and the prices.

Your business plan for making candles will look at the overall market for candles: whether it is growing or shrinking, who buys candles, why they buy them and when they buy them. It will also cover any research you have done into the market for your individual candles and if people are likely to buy them.

Your business candle making plan will detail how and where you are going to make your candles; how they will be manufactured. It will cover who your suppliers will be. It will go into a lot of detail about how, where and when you are going to sell the candles.

Your business plan for making candles will cover how you intend to market the business. Sometimes the material for the marketing section will come from a separate and more detailed Marketing Plan. This may or may not be included with the business plan if you are submitting an information pack for prospective investors, but you will always summarise the main points in the main business candle making plan.

One of the most important parts of the business plan comes at the end. This is the financial breakdown. You basically produce a full set of accounts, just like you would at the end of your first year of trading. This is a made-up set it represents your best guess at this stage of what the accounts will look like for real at the end of your first year.

The financial section tends to be of most interest to people reading the plan as the thing they most want to know is how much money the business will make. If you have never seen a business plan you have probably also never seen a set of accounts, so these two or three pages can look very scary. As with all other aspects of a business plan though, you can learn what they mean with a little patience.

Every business candle making plan will include a Management or Executive Summary. This will be a very short summary of the main points covered in the plan. It will be no more than 1-2 pages and although it is always the first thing in the business plan for making candles it is always the last thing you write.

There are a few others things you might find in a typical business candle making plan. You might include a time line for activities showing what will happen when, although this is a less usual inclusion. If you have a lot of products you might include a catalogue of products. If you have developed any marketing materials, e.g. adverts you might include these. This type of material tends to be included as an appendix, because it supports the main body of writing which should always be clear and concise.

And thats all it is. To sum up – a business candle making plan is a formal document which follows a standard style and layout. There are pre-set sections of information it will include, but each section is written specifically for your own candle making business. The most important sections in the whole plan are the financials section, which shows how much money the business will make in year one and the executive summary, which is just a prcis of the whole plan you put at the front.

There are many other types of information which might be included, usually as appendices if they support the main story. The main reasons for creating a business plan for making candles are usually to get grant money or investment. However, it is highly recommended that if you are new to business and new to home based candle businesses you should write a business plan for making candles for yourself, so that you are clear on what you are doing.

About the Author: If you would like to know more about creating a business plan for making candles, or want to see a fully worked example business candle making plan with step by step guidelines, please visit


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IRS goes after eBay sellers

Monday, March 28, 2005

San Jose, California — As the April 15 deadline for U.S. private citizens to file their 2004 income tax returns draws near, the government is reminding sellers on eBay that they may have to report any proceeds from sales on the auction site as taxable income.

This could be a surprise to some of the 135 million registered eBay users who consider trading on San Jose-based auction site to be a non-taxable hobby. Complicating matters, eBay says it doesn’t report individual sales figures to the government – users are responsible to report any profits on their own tax returns.

The amount of money traveling through eBay is big business. $33.8 billion worth of merchandise was sold on the site in 2004, up from $5.2 billion in 2000.

Although eBay pays taxes on its share of the sales (5.25 percent cut from each transaction as of Feb. 18), the IRS fears some small businesses are using the site to dodge tax responsibility. Adding to the confusion, some sellers may legally be a taxable business without realizing it.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has a nine-point checklist it uses to determine whether or not a money-making activity is legally a business, which means money made is taxable, or a simple hobby – where it is not taxable. The IRS can consider a person to be a legal “business” even though they never incorporated or claimed to be one.

According to Woodbury, New York-based accountant Bart Fooden in an Associated Press interview, the IRS looks for such things as evidence that the auction seller depends on the eBay sales income to pay for activities other than maintaining the hobby, acts in a businesslike manner when selling on auctions or puts enough time and effort into the eBay activities that there is an obvious intent to make a profit.

But Fooden said in the same interview casual users probably have nothing to worry about. Those cleaning out closets or the garage and selling off junk for less than the original price paid are not turning a profit, so that money is not considered income and is not taxable.

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Final bidder submits SGD5.5 billion plan for Singapore casino

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The third and last bidder for Singapore’s Sentosa Integrated Resort (IR) project, Eighth Wonder, submitted its development plan yesterday: a SGD 5.5 billion(USD 3.52 billion) eco-friendly casino known as “Harry’s Island”.

Harry’s Island will boast 10 luxury, family-oriented hotels, a tree house with family suites, and a 7,500-seat Caldera theater which will feature nightly spectacular shows.

Eighth Wonder says it wants to make Harry’s Island a world-class, must-see tourist destination and has roped-in several big names in its tender. If selected, the resort will have spas and health centers run by health guru Deepak Chopra, Vera Wang hotels with access to her entire wedding collection, and a soccer academy with Brazilian soccer icon Pele giving his input.

Harry’s Island will create around 15,000 jobs, including 5000 in the food and beverage industry.

The company believes it can recover its investments by 2015 by generating over $5.6 billion in five years; it hopes to bring nearly 15 million visitors annually by 2014.

The Sentosa IR project is the second of two IR tenders offered by the Singapore Government: the first was located in Marina Bay.

The Singapore government is expected to announce the winner in December.

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8 Ways To Live Longer

1. Eat Less Food

The first way to live longer is to eat less food. People eat for enjoyment so they try to stuff all of the food that they can into their belly. Find other ways to become fulfilled and happy. Studies with different animals showed that when they fed the animals less than they wanted to eat, they lived longer. Probably the best measurement for quantity of food is calories.

When you eat plant foods, they have fiber, unlike animal foods. Fiber helps the body to prevent many health problems and it has no calories. Also another way to eat less is to take vacations from eating. This is known as fasting. So instead of trying to eat less everyday, every once in a while go a couple of days without eating. Some of the people that have fasted include Jesus, Moses, Mahatma Gandhi, Pythagoras, Buddha and Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln even created some national days of fasting.

2. Do Exercise

The body was designed to do work and that is how people used to get their exercise. Exercise is needed by the body to operate properly. An exercise like yoga can help you to be happier, eat less, be more relaxed, be more agile and improve all areas of your life. By reducing stress it can even help you to live longer. It can be done right inside of your house without any equipment.

An exercise like weight lifting or resistance training helps to keep people from losing muscle that happens when people age. They do not look thinner since they also gain fat. Also exercise can help a little in keeping you thin. Of course eating less calories can help you to be thin. The more muscle that your body has, the more calories that your body burns while you are sleeping. Fat does not burn calories but muscle does.

3. Get as Much Sleep As You Can

You can eat too much and get too much exercise but you cannot sleep too much. Why not? How is this unlike the other two? It is not under your conscious control. If it were then Michael Jackson could have force himself to go to sleep. Since it was not under his conscious control he needed to take drugs (medications) to get to sleep and it killed him. Some people sleep 24 hours a day (called a come) since it is not under their conscious control. You can force yourself to get too little sleep and many do this.

Studies show that the more that people sleep, the less they weight. While sleeping the body produces a hormone called leptin. It reduces appetite. Many medical doctors say that sleep is bad for you. You have not heard this since they do not use those words since it would sound stupid. Actually they say this since they do not know that they saying it. They say that sleeping is bad for you but you cannot sleep unless you fast. The first meal of the day is called break-fast.

4. Use Herbs Instead of Medications

Do you know of any celebrities that have died from taking herbs? Michael Jackson was not the only celebrity that died from taking medications. It also happened to Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy and Bruce Lee. I do not know of any celebrities that died from taking herbs. Herbs have been used for healing for thousands of years.

In the late 1800s the most popular method of healing in the United States by medical doctors was bleeding or bloodletting. George Washington had a very sore throat so the top doctors around, bled 3 pints of blood from him and he died. So next time you are in your doctor’s office, tell him or her that you want the presidential treatment that George Washington got. Actually some of the medications come from herbs like the treatment for malaria.

5. Consume Less Salt

WebMD has an article saying that salt is worse for you than smoking. So if you are pregnant and want your baby and you to be healthier, than start smoking and quit consuming salt! This is so common place that people do not question it. Having black slaves was so commonplace that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are considered great men even though they had black slaves.

People have the hardest time understanding why salt is so bad for you. Salt is a chemical and not a food. It stimulates appetite and causes people to eat more. It has no calories. Why not? It is not a food. A teaspoon of salt contains the sodium in over 100 pounds of food even if it is a natural unprocessed rock. If a person puts 4 ounces of salt in a quart of water and drinks it, he will die. Note that I am not a medical doctor so I cannot give medical advice. So consult your doctor before trying the above.

So when the person dies, what will be the cause of death? If you do not know, maybe you should read the above again. The cause of death would be hypernatremia or too much natrium. Natrium is the Latin word for sodium and that is why the chemical symbol for sodium is Na. I eat all of these foods like potatoes without salt and they taste great. In almost all the other spices (also called herbs), they are foods and are also healthy for you. So I use them, like turmeric.

6. Drink Green Tea instead of Water

Drinking water that is not purified with reverse osmosis or distillation is bad for health. They found that the groundwater around the U.S. is polluted with different things including medications like the ones above that have killed celebrities. Spring water has minerals in it like the ones that are in urine. When we used water in chemistry lab in college, we used triple distilled water. So you can take pure water and make green tea and now you have a very healthy food to drink. You can drink your greens.

Green tea may be the healthiest herb that there is but it is definitely the most popular herb. If one has a problem with caffeine, there is green tea without caffeine in it. But green tea has a substance in it called theanine that reverses the bad effects of caffeine. Drinking green tea helps people to lose weight due to the EGCG in it. To get the green tea without pesticides in it, you can get organic green tea.

7. Make sure to get enough vitamin D.

A study showed that 73% of Americans do not get enough vitamin D. I read a story about how 20 years of suffering from fibromyalgia was cured. It was a long story covering all the details but the clue was when the woman visited her sister in another state, she did not have all the symptoms. So she was given enough vitamin D and her fibromyalgia was gone. Her sister lived in a state much closer to the equator where people can get more vitamin D from the sun.

Not having enough vitamin D can cause many different problems. One of the most common problems cause by a deficiency of vitamin D is muscle and joint pains. When I say enough, I mean enough is enough. You can ask your doctor to check your blood levels of vitamin D to see if you have enough. If you have less than enough than it is a deficiency.

8. Grounding or Earthing

Grounding or Earthing is a new science based on people not being able to get rid of excess static electricity in the body since they do not walk barefoot or lie on the ground. Studies show that it can create more stress and make it harder to sleep. So people have used ways to compensate for this so they can have less stress and sleep better.

David Wolfe is an expert on natural health and a multi-millionaire. He goes everywhere in bare feet since he feels a significant difference from doing this. They now have special shoes to help with this. He also keeps a pad under his desk that is connected to the ground that he keeps his feet on. Some appliances have a third prong for the ground. This helps to drain the excess electricity from the appliance that can build up. His pad is connected to that ground in a plug.

Is your body electrical? What is the difference between a heart seizure and a heart attack? It is the difference between electrical and plumbing. A heart seizure is usually an electrical problem with the heart whole a heart attack is due to the heart not getting enough blood because of a blockage.

Lobby groups oppose plans for EU copyright extension

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The European Commission currently has proposals on the table to extend performers’ copyright terms. Described by Professor Martin Kretschmer as the “Beatles Extension Act”, the proposed measure would extend copyright from 50 to 95 years after recording. A vast number of classical tracks are at stake; the copyright on recordings from the fifties and early sixties is nearing its expiration date, after which it would normally enter the public domain or become ‘public property’. E.U. Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services Charlie McCreevy is proposing this extension, and if the other relevant Directorate Generales (Information Society, Consumers, Culture, Trade, Competition, etc.) agree with the proposal, it will be sent to the European Parliament.

Wikinews contacted Erik Josefsson, European Affairs Coordinator for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (E.F.F.), who invited us to Brussels, the heart of E.U. policy making, to discuss this new proposal and its implications. Expecting an office interview, we arrived to discover that the event was a party and meetup conveniently coinciding with FOSDEM 2008 (the Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting). The meetup was in a sprawling city centre apartment festooned with E.F.F. flags and looked to be a party that would go on into the early hours of the morning with copious food and drink on tap. As more people showed up for the event it turned out that it was a truly international crowd, with guests from all over Europe.

Eddan Katz, the new International Affairs Director of the E.F.F., had come over from the U.S. to connect to the European E.F.F. network, and he gladly took part in our interview. Eddan Katz explained that the Electronic Frontier Foundation is “A non-profit organisation working to protect civil liberties and freedoms online. The E.F.F. has fought for information privacy rights online, in relation to both the government and companies who, with insufficient transparency, collect, aggregate and make abuse of information about individuals.” Another major focus of their advocacy is intellectual property, said Eddan: “The E.F.F. represents what would be the public interest, those parts of society that don’t have a concentration of power, that the private interests do have in terms of lobbying.”

Becky Hogge, Executive Director of the U.K.’s Open Rights Group (O.R.G.), joined our discussion as well. “The goals of the Open Rights Group are very simple: we speak up whenever we see civil, consumer or human rights being affected by the poor implementation or the poor regulation of new technologies,” Becky summarised. “In that sense, people call us -I mean the E.F.F. has been around, in internet years, since the beginning of time- but the Open Rights Group is often called the British E.F.F.

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Police reports indicate theft of automotive catalytic converters up across parts of US

Monday, June 21, 2021

Recent media reports indicate police are warning of increases in theft of auto-mobiles’ catalytic converters across parts of the United States. As recently as Friday, authorities in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas told media the theft rate of the item is up 312% for their city. The parts contain an array of precious metals, which are quite valuable today. The converters serve to reduce harmful emissions.

Prices of one of the metals, rhodium, has been increasing for past several months. According to multiple reports, one troy ounce, about 31 grams, of the metal was worth around USD23–27 thousand. The converters also contain palladium and platinum, both of which are precious metals, both valuable. Just this year, police in Lakewood, Washington report they’ve received 45 incident reports on stolen catalytic converters.

To curb the thefts, police recommend citizens park their car in a garage or in a well-lit area. Police also recommend installing security cameras in areas where owners park their car. Additionally, police suggest installing a piece of sheet metal to cover the catalytic converter can help thwart thieves.

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Answers About Manufactured Stone Made With Concrete Molds

Answers about Manufactured Stone made with Concrete Molds



Homeowners and do-it-yourselfers can now make their own manufactured stone for a fraction of regular retail prices. Thanks to companies that manufacture and market concrete molds directly to consumers, home owners can make them right in their garage, basement, or a shed for pennies each! Here are coloring techniques to help achieve the real and natural look of stone as it’s found in nature.

YouTube Preview Image

WHAT ARE CONCRETE STONE MOLDS MADE OF AND HOW LONG DO THEY LAST? Most molds are made with high-impact, polystyrene or industrial ABS plastic, or other plastic blends depending on the application and texture retention desired. They are usually about a .060 thickness. We prefer and use Industrial ABS plastic for its strength, flexibility and durability. If cared for per simple instructions, molds can last for hundreds of pours, depending on the style and size of the mold. Should they start to crack in the corners, they can be repaired to prolong their life. In many cases, like with real stone, cracks and other minor imperfections will actually enhance the appearance of the stone, and are very desirable. WHAT KIND OF FACILITY IS NEEDED TO MAKE A CEMENT STONE? You really need very little space, and since there is no waste or environmental impact, you can make stone or tile for your own use in a basement, garage, barn, backyard shed, or even outside under normal weather conditions. A wheelbarrow, a shovel, some molds and instructions are the basics. For a commercial operation, you can get by with as little as 600 square feet (a two-car garage), but we normally recommend about 1000+ square feet if at all possible for an efficient production facility. That size plant will handle normal business growth and production increases for the first year or so. About 1500 square feet is ideal for a commercial sized plant, and will handle typical growth for the first five years. WHY ARE THE STONE, PAVER, AND TILE MOLDS SO INEXPENSIVE? Many mold companies have started on a shoestring and are usually small operations with limited products to offer. There are a number of mold companies that fit this model. Most do not have the benefit of over thirty years experience in mold-making and over eighteen years pioneering the consumer segment of the business. When materials are purchased in large quantities and you have had long, ongoing relationships with suppliers you get the benefits of what is referred to as economies of scale, (See below). As an example, we are a self-funded company— meaning we owe no one anything. We own our buildings, equipment and land, and are a family-run company. We keep our profit margins conservative, and grow and expand only as we can afford to. Thus— we are able to be extremely competitive in our pricing, while offering hundreds of diverse mold products at very competitive prices. WHAT DOES ECONOMIES OF SCALE MEAN? The increase in efficiency of production as the number of goods being produced increases. Typically, a company that achieves economies of scale lowers the average cost per unit through increased production since fixed costs are shared over an increased number of goods. HOW WILL CONCRETE STONE HOLD UP OUTSIDE IN HARSH CLIMATES? Most concrete stone will hold up fine outside in almost any weather as long as it was made and designed for that purpose. Concrete needs microscopic air pockets so the moisture can expand and contract without affecting the solid concrete parts. Our proprietary mix formula, as do other exterior concrete stone includes air-entrainment agents to help prevent the product from breaking down under freeze-thaw conditions like those found in northern climates. Formulas can be adjusted for extreme conditions and special applications as well by adding extra air-entrainment agent. You want to be at around 5% air content. HOW MANY DIFFERENT STYLES AND SIZES CAN BE MADE WITH MOLDS? Concrete stone can be made in sizes from 2×4 inches up to 24×24 inches, and larger. They can be made in virtually any color or combination of colors imaginable, and there are many different techniques that can be used to finish them. There are currently over 200 different styles shapes and sizes of molds for stone, pavers, brick and tile, and new stone styles are being added constantly. Mold makers also have the ability to make custom mold styles for producers, should they have a special request for a specific style or size of stone. WHAT IS THE LIFE EXPECTANCY OF FINISHED CONCRETE STONE PRODUCTS? The expected useful life is one hundred years plus. Stone products have been used for thousands of years, with many of the mortared stone roads of ancient Rome still being used daily. We recommend that our commercial Producers offer a minimum twenty-year warranty on their products as long as they are produced to our normal specifications. When is the last time you saw a concrete sidewalk worn out? IS A KILN NEEDED TO MAKE FAUX CONCRETE STONE OR VENEER? No kiln or other high-energy heat source is needed, and the stone does not get fired in any way. Manufactured stone and veneer is cured via a simple technique that extends the hydration period for as long as possible. This is accomplished by covering the stone with plastic to hold the moisture in. Complete technical instructions for curing are free and are also available on our manufacturing training website. There is no need for any special power source to make stone. A standard vibrator table runs on 115 volts, and you can run your mixer, if used, on 115 volts as well. We suggest that you run your mixer on 220 if it has that capability to save on electric and to provide increased motor torque. If you make your faux stone by hand, you don’t need to care about either of the foregoing anyway. HOW MUCH DOES MANUFACTURED STONE WEIGH PER SQUARE FOOT? With man-made or faux stone, the weight can be about one-third lighter than real stone, and can be anywhere between four pounds per square foot when poured as a thin veneer, to about a third or less of that for the same size when lightweight aggregate is used in the cement mix. You can use many different stone formulas, depending on where the stone will be used. We normally use a lightweight aggregate to lessen the weight when the stone is being used for a vertical application like walls. Since the lightweight aggregate makes the stone weaker, it cannot be used for a horizontal, or traffic surface though. When it is to be used for a walking or driving surface, we use our standard 4,000-6,000+ psi mix with gravel aggregate added for more strength. WHAT IS THE FUTURE FOR CEMENT STONE MADE WITH MOLDS? With more and more do-it-yourselfers making their own custom-colored stone products to save money and to get the colors they want; mold makers will continue to add new molds and make them available for everyone. We constantly add new designs and sizes to our mold line, as do most other mold makers. And by offering these directly to the do-it-yourselfer, it allows them to have new styles of stone for fireplaces, floors, walls, patios and any number of other projects- in the colors they want. The difference in the value added to a home, versus actual cost of the stone used can be staggering! By making the stone themselves for about fifty cents per square foot, they can easily save up to ninety-percent off of normal retail pricing! And the stone products they make will still be there for their great-grandchildren to enjoy and admire. It can be their legacy.

John McKenzie Panagos founded Olde World Stone and Tile Molds in 1992. As a pioneer, he is an authority in the DIY stone and tile mold products segment of the concrete industry. He’s written numerous training manuals and articles for the manufactured stone industry. For more information, photos, and DIY instructions visit or

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Answers about Manufactured Stone made with Concrete Molds

Russia asks Iceland for details of bank rescue plan before giving loan

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Russia has requested Iceland give them more details of the island nation’s plan to rescue the banking sector and thus the entire national economy before granting them a loan.

Two weeks ago, Iceland’s banking sector collapsed and was largely nationalised. Icelandic banks are in significantly more debt than the country can afford, and the nation may seek assistance from the International Monetary Fund. A decision on whether to involve the IMF is due within a week.

As for Russia, a senior Russian government source is reported by Reuters as having said “At the current moment, we do not yet have enough reasons to give them credit. We did not refuse. We are continuing the talks.” Forbes quoted him as having also said “‘We asked them to collect more information and present a rescue plan for the banking system.”

Meanwhile, there is some optimism in Iceland over the economy. It is hoped by authorities that the lower exchange rate for the króna means that more tourists will be attracted. Bars and restaurants are also doing well. The manager of one bar explained: “Actually, when people get depressed they drink more.”

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