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Submitted by: Andrew Hallinan

Every year the amount of money spent on Valentines Day sales increases. Many believe it is now rivaling the Holiday and Christmas season. Some business believe that if they dont sell candy, cards, or jewelry, that they cant participate in and take advantage of Valentines Day sales. But thats not true. More and more people are finding that the truly romantic gifts are the ones that fit just right, the ones that make loved ones smile because its something special that fits their personality. What many people are shopping for is a special and unique gift to reflect how the person they love is also one-of-a-kind.

Its easy for shoppers to find flowers and candy and jewelry. Sellers of those products have their Valentines Day advertising campaign in place months in advance. For them, its often just letting their customers know where they are located and promoting things like same-day delivery. But for business owners and stores offering more unique Valentines Day gift options, here are two equally unique tips for advertising:

For a limited time (such as the Valentines Day season) add the option of personalizing your products. Personalized picture frames, mugs, and key chains are pretty common. But what about a personalized hammer from the local hardware store? Offering the option of a personalized phone case? Personalized reusable grocery bags? You are in business because your company is selling a product that meets peoples needs. Turn your practical items for sale into personalized tools that can be used every day, reminding the recipient of how special they are long after the chocolate is all eaten and the flowers have wilted.

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With purchases made around Valentines Day, include a booklet of Romantic Vouchers as well as coupons to be given with the purchases gift. Make the Romantic Vouchers customizable by name and include certificates for a home-cooked meal, back rub, time spent doing favorite activities, car wash, etc. Consider giving the buyer an option of two booklets: one designed with a female as the recipient and the other for a male recipient.

Now the question remains, how to get the word out into your community that your business, even though it may not sell flowers, chocolate, or jewelry is open and ready for Valentines Day business? The answer is not much differently than you would approach any other advertising campaign during another part of the year.

Inflatable Rentals or a Sale Balloon

One of the great unique tips for advertising is to use inflatable rentals. A sale balloon is perfect for attracting potential customers who are driving by. Those driving to and from work, who happen to be a few minutes early and are alone in the car, are the ones who will stop in looking for a Valentines Day gift. Inflatable rentals work so well because they are a mobile billboard that can be used to hang almost any sign (like one advertising your unique gift options). A Sale balloon will also instantly provide the viewer with the information of where you are located, encouraging a spur-of-the-moment way to late surprise their loved one with a unique gift.

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