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  • 26 March 2020: Florida frog skull survey shows spikes, say scientists
  • 20 March 2020: Arizona, Florida, Illinois hold 2020 US presidential primaries; Ohio postpones
  • 17 March 2020: 200 in New Delhi, India drink cow urine to fight off COVID-19
  • 16 March 2020: US President Trump declares COVID-19 national emergency
  • 15 March 2020: Native American groups sue US state of Montana over ballot law
  • 15 March 2020: Bernie Sanders wins 2020 Northern Mariana Islands US Democratic presidential caucus
  • 14 March 2020: World Health Organization declares COVID-19 pandemic
  • 13 March 2020: Stores in Australia lower toilet paper limits per transaction
  • 13 March 2020: National Basketball Association suspends season due to COVID-19 concerns
  • 12 March 2020: British mathematician Richard K. Guy dies at 103

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Crime and law Culture and entertainment Disasters and accidents Economy and business
  • US President Trump declares COVID-19 national emergency
  • Native American groups sue US state of Montana over ballot law
  • Argentine president Fernández to send bill legalising abortion to National Congress within 10 days
  • Influential rock drummer Ginger Baker dies at age 80
  • Mockumentary Mister America has world premiere
  • Arrests made in theft of gold toilet in England
  • Former basketball player Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash, aged 41
  • Seismic activity continues to shake Puerto Rico with 5.2 quake
  • Iran admits downing Ukrainian jet, cites ‘human error’
  • Stores in Australia lower toilet paper limits per transaction
  • Benin, Nigeria join African Union continental free trade bloc
  • US Department of Justice investigating Ford over emissions testing problems
Education Environment Health Obituaries
  • Students compete in second international Neurosurgery Olympiad in Tyumen, Russia
  • Wikinews attends Maker Faire in Tyler, Texas
  • Algeria blocks internet across nation to prevent cheating in diploma exams
  • Greta Thunberg named 2019 Time Person of the Year
  • Researchers break down deaths due to power plant pollution in the United States
  • Slippery business: Materials scientists invent new coating for self-cleaning, water-efficient toilets
  • Arizona, Florida, Illinois hold 2020 US presidential primaries; Ohio postpones
  • 200 in New Delhi, India drink cow urine to fight off COVID-19
  • US President Trump declares COVID-19 national emergency
  • British mathematician Richard K. Guy dies at 103
  • Iranian government official Mohammad Mir-Mohammadi dies of COVID-19
  • Former basketball player Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash, aged 41
Politics and conflicts Science and technology Sports Wackynews
  • Arizona, Florida, Illinois hold 2020 US presidential primaries; Ohio postpones
  • US President Trump declares COVID-19 national emergency
  • Native American groups sue US state of Montana over ballot law
  • Researchers point to pangolins as coronavirus jumps from bats to humans
  • Florida frog skull survey shows spikes, say scientists
  • British mathematician Richard K. Guy dies at 103
  • Kenya’s Brigid Kosgei sets new world record at Chicago Marathon
  • Norway’s Warholm wins gold in 400 m hurdles at World Championships in Doha
  • Ross Edgley swims around Great Britain for first time in history
  • 200 in New Delhi, India drink cow urine to fight off COVID-19
  • Millions don’t turn up to ‘storm’ US airbase for extraterrestrial evidence
  • Arrests made in theft of gold toilet in England
Africa Asia Oceania Central America
  • Cairo summit denounces Turkish-Libyan maritime border agreement
  • Ancient Egyptians collected wild ibis birds for sacrifice, says study
  • Kenya’s Brigid Kosgei sets new world record at Chicago Marathon
  • Iranian International Master Dorsa Derakhshani discusses her chess career with Wikinews
  • Wikinews interviews Texas woman returned home following ordeal in China
  • 200 in New Delhi, India drink cow urine to fight off COVID-19
  • Bernie Sanders wins 2020 Northern Mariana Islands US Democratic presidential caucus
  • Stores in Australia lower toilet paper limits per transaction
  • Samoan government ends state of emergency over measles outbreak
  • Investigation of Deutsche Bank headquarters spills into second day
  • Fifteen states sue United States President Donald Trump for cancelling program for undocumented immigrant minors
  • Gunmen murder Honduran indigenous leader Berta Cáceres
Europe Middle East North America South America
  • British mathematician Richard K. Guy dies at 103
  • Police shoot man dead after ‘terrorist-related’ knife attack in London
  • German authorities confirm first case of novel coronavirus in Germany
  • Iranian government official Mohammad Mir-Mohammadi dies of COVID-19
  • Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak dies
  • Iran admits downing Ukrainian jet, cites ‘human error’
  • Florida frog skull survey shows spikes, say scientists
  • Arizona, Florida, Illinois hold 2020 US presidential primaries; Ohio postpones
  • US President Trump declares COVID-19 national emergency
  • Argentine president Fernández to send bill legalising abortion to National Congress within 10 days
  • Hundreds arrested for ‘dark web’ child porn by international task force
  • World leaders call to address Amazon rainforest fires at G7

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International row after Spielberg quits 2008 Beijing Olympics

The U.S. film director stepped down as artistic adviser saying that China, which has close links to the Sudanese government, should do more to address the Darfur situation. » Full story

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‘Top Model’ winner Jaslene Gonzalez on her career and being a Latina role model

Wikinews talks with America’s Next Top Model’s first Puerto Rican winner, Jaslene Gonzalez, about her childhood, what makes her a strong individual, and what television show her abuela would want her to go on. This is also the first time one of our interviews can also be read in Spanish at Wikinoticias. » Full story

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August 06, 2010

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  • FBI: Death of the Georgian Prime Minister was an accident
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  • Beyonce Wierzycka and fiancé test positive for COVID-19
  • Massachusetts GE Aviation employees demand to be put to work making ventilators for COVID-swamped hospitals
  • Iranian International Master Dorsa Derakhshani discusses her chess career with Wikinews
  • Researchers point to pangolins as coronavirus jumps from bats to humans
  • Wikinews interviews Texas woman returned home following ordeal in China

  • Four people die of COVID-19 in Bangladesh
  • Department of Interior to disestablish Native American reservation, site of proposed casino, says tribal leader
  • Third death from COVID-19 reported in Singapore
  • North Macedonia joins NATO
  • Buhari affected with covid 19
  • Global Changes COVID-19 Pandemic May Bring About

Original reporting First-hand journalism by Wikinews reporters (More…)

  • Stores in Australia lower toilet paper limits per transaction
  • Indian Railway: all-women crew steers Tippu Express ahead of International Women’s Day
  • Mockumentary Mister America has world premiere

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Different Types Of Physical Therapist In Draper


If you have ever been involved in an accident that produced injuries, then you know how beneficial a physical therapist can be. A physical therapist can help you regain your mobility and agility after an accident. The following are a few types of physical therapist in Draper.

Orthopedic Therapy

One of the most common types of physical Therapist in Draper is an orthopedic. This type of therapist helps to rehabilitate you after an accident or directly following a surgery. Orthopedic therapy focuses mainly on the joints and tendons of the body. Many athletes participate in orthopedic therapy after they have experienced injuries on the field. The therapists will use techniques such as massages and flexibility exercise in order to rehabilitate a patient.

Geriatric Physical Therapy

This type of therapy is used on senior citizens who may be frail or fragile following an accident. Seniors suffering with osteoporosis will often visit a geriatric therapist for relief with the pain that accompanies this debilitating disease. Other forms of arthritis are also treated by these types of therapist and many patients have shown great improvement in their overall mobility after a long period of treatment. Generally, geriatric therapy is done on an outpatient basis, but some hospitals may provide it following a surgery.

Neurological Therapy

This type of therapy is used for patients who have suffered strokes or other types of brain injuries. Neurological therapy focuses on regaining mobility and overall limb functions in victims of brain diseases. In most cases this type of therapy will be on an outpatient basis, but in some severe cases in home therapy is required. In some studies, great success has been shown especially in patients with Alzheimers or MS. Many doctors recommend this type of therapy to brain injury patients in order for them to get some motor skills back.

If you find yourself in need of physical therapy, then look no further than the professionals at physicla therapy and sports medicine. They specialize in many types of physical therapy and can help you get regain mobility after an accident. You can call them or visit their website at for more information on the services that they can offer you.

Celebrities contribute to Katrina relief

Published:Wednesday, September 7, 2005Updated:Saturday, September 10, 2005 (Travolta, Preston, Moore, Stones, Three Doors Down, Johnson, Smith)

After Hurricane Katrina passed across the United States, various artists and media stars have leapt at a call to action.

John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston flew his private plane to deliver a load of supplies and tetanus vaccine to Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Part of a Scientology project which has been using their non-massage “assists”, in an interview Preston mentioned that “auditing” had also been performed on victims.

Kevin Smith is holding an online auction on his Web site.

Sean Penn actually went to Louisiana. After loading down a small boat with his entourage, it was discovered one of them had neglected to seal a hole in the bottom. Penn was wearing a white vest rather than a life vest while bailing. After the motor wouldn’t start, the crew paddled down a flooded New Orleans street. Bystanders jeered at whether any victims could fit aboard the crowded craft. No report on rescue stunts. Local authorities had previously been criticized for not allowing volunteer boaters in to help.

Morgan Freeman, whose home fared well, is organizing an online auction of celebrity items at, to benefit the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Curt Schilling opened his home to a family of nine driven out of their New Orleans home. The Schilling family will provide housing for the Fields for a year while their home in New Orleans is rebuilt and repaired.

Some celebrities “graced” disaster zones with their presence in the days following Katrina.

Singer Macy Gray and television personality Phil McGraw visited Houston’s Astrodome.

Celebrities visiting New Orleans include Michael Moore (opposite side of lake), singer Harry Connick, Jr., CNN’s Anderson Cooper, actor Jamie Foxx, singer Faith Hill, actor Matthew McConaughey, singer Lisa Marie Presley, comedian Chris Rock, and The Oprah Winfrey Show contributor Lisa Ling and interior decorator Nate Berkus.

Oprah Winfrey visited New Orleans, Houston, and Mississippi.

Fires burn across eastern Australia amid summer heatwave

Sunday, January 13, 2013

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Despite earlier cooler weather, heatwave conditions are expected to resume in New South Wales, Australia. Local weather service forecasts expect temperatures to rise above 40°C (104°F), as-experienced earlier in the week. The percentage of uncontained fires jumped as high as 20%. On Friday, local fire authorities have declared total fire bans across Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Fire crews at the east coast of Australia are readying to battle an increased rate of bushfires during the weekend.

Uncontrolled fires have also been burning across the states of Tasmania, Victoria, and Queensland.

Extremely hot weather and strong winds played havoc with the fires early in the week. A minor change in the weather assisted crews on Thursday but the high temperatures are set to return on Friday and through the weekend.

Thirty devastating fires in Tasmania are now being controlled after burning 130 properties and 110,000 hectares of land throughout the past week.

In Victoria there are two significant fires being fought with several others now under control but concerns remain for the weekend with the temperature forecast to rise to 42°C in the north of the state.

Queensland firefighters continued to battle fires north of of the capital Brisbane on Bribie Island, with at least 22 fires still burning throughout the state.

New South Wales has 120 fires burning as of Friday with 370,000 hectares of land, 10,000 livestock and one property already destroyed.

…an awful lot of fireline for firefighters to monitor…

Deputy Commissioner of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, Rob Rogers briefed reporters on the bushfires at the Rural Fire Service Headquarters on Friday.

“They are very large, all either in excess or very close to 10,000 hectares (and) in some cases 100 kilometres of fireline.That’s an awful lot of fireline for firefighters to monitor and obviously that’s going to be troubling over today and particularly tomorrow when it will be even hotter.”

One fire at Dean’s Gap in New South Wales had authorities concerned due to its proximity to an old military range that contains unexploded ordinances at Tianjara plateau. Firefighters have used earth moving equipment to create containment lines and specialised gel to protect the range.

The Place To Call When Looking At Homes For Sale In Woodmere


The overall real estate market is slowly recovering, and many people are looking to buy their first home. Many folks wanting to buy their first home are tempted to tackle this goal by themselves. Before trying to buy a home alone a person should consider the positive merits of hiring a real estate agent.

A person looking at Homes For Sale in Woodmere should consider hiring an agent from Lori & Associates LI Realty Inc. They have 18 agents in the office and can assist home-buyers with a home purchase in Woodmere and surrounding areas. They even have an in-house mortgage broker that can help a home buyer with financing programs that best fits a customers needs.

There are additional reasons to hire a real estate agent. One of the biggest advantages is their knowledge of the real estate market. Real estate agents are self-employed through their broker. This is one reason that real estate agents work longer hours than most people. These long hours give agents an intimate knowledge of the areas they work. They also have knowledge of local schools, local points of interest, restaurants and shopping,etc.Another reason to hire a real estate agent is convenience. An agent can find properties that meet a buyer’s criteria. They also save a buyer time by setting up appointments to view properties in person. When it comes time to making an offer a buyer’s real estate agent negotiates with the other parties involved.

Before the papers are signed the agent and buyer will do a final walk through. The walk through is done to ensure that the property is in the same shape as when the offer was first made. Agents can write offers enabling a buyer to pull out of the deal if the property had received damage since the offer was made. When the time comes to sign all of the papers the buyer’s agent is present to make sure everything is in order.

A person looking at Homes For Sale in Woodmere should seriously consider hiring a real estate to represent them. An agent looks at real estate deals objectively, and has a professional obligation to represent a buyer’s best interest. Buying a home is usually the largest investment a person makes in their life, and trying to do it alone can have disastrous results.

Flexible displays soon to be in production

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Roll up displays for use in hand-held gadgets will be available for mass production by March 2007 according to co-developer Philips. Working with US based paper pioneer E-ink, Philips have developed a 13cm wide screen which is just 0.1 millimetres thick and can be rolled up so that it is only 15 millimetres in diameter.

The screen, which Philips hope to license to makers of in-car satellite navigation systems, mobile web browsers and smart phones, uses no back light and displays a monochrome image in four shades of grey as well as black and white. According to Philips the screen is able to give a “paper-like contrast”.

The screen consists of a backing layer of plastic film which contains a matrix of transistors. This is topped off with layer transparent “electronic ink” capsules and a layer of clear plastic. The capsules are approximately 50 micrometres in diameter and contain polarised black and white particles. Using the transistors, a pattern of positive and negative charge can be applied which manipulates the particles to form monochrome images.

U.S. TV networks look to past for future programming

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Los Angeles, California — Four of six national television broadcast networks recently wooed potential advertisers for the 2005-2006 season with programming offerings in the new development phase. These included NBC, Fox, ABC and The WB. Two other networks, CBS and UPN, plan to preview their offerings March 24.

After four years of focusing on high-profile reality television, network executives are turning to the past for inspiration on scripted series. Some networks said they are “more consciously aggressive about developing shows” that recall such classics as Taxi and Barney Miller, Craig Erwich, a programming executive for Fox, told USA Today. In the same report, Kevin Reilly, NBC entertainment chief said, “I don’t think the answer has to be that it’s groundbreaking or something you’ve never seen before.”

But at least one ad buyer had reservations about the rear-view mirror technique. “Every network seems to be looking back rather than forward for programming ideas. The reminiscence factor may be good if you are looking for an older audience, but it may not be a way to bring in the younger audiences,” Laura Caraccioli-Davis, senior vice president and director of Starcom Entertainment told Mediaweek magazine.

  THE CONTENDERS: New series touted for possible inclusion in the 2005-2006 season
Network Development
Emily’s Reasons Why Not 
(Sitcom) – an unmotivated teacher in a class of Type-A students.
(Drama) – a group of young 20-somethings in Chicago facing life on their own.
Soccer Moms 
(Drama) – two suburban mothers become private investigators.
Briar & Graves 
(Drama) – a horror series in the vein of X-Files.
(Comedy drama) – a brother and sister run a Las Vegas wedding chapel.
Kitchen Confidential 
(Sitcom) – antics in an upscale New York restaurant.
The Loop 
(Comedy) – the travails of a young Chicago executive.
New Car Smell 
(Comedy) – a Brooke Shields star vehicle in a Las Vegas car dealership
Queen B 
(Sitcom) – Alicia Silverstone as a trendsetting columnist.
(Drama) – shows the lives of a group of friends over 20 years with each episode chronicling one year.
All In 
(Sitcom) – Janeane Garofalo as a single mom and professional poker player in Las Vegas.
(Sitcom) – sports themed revolving around an NFL star.
Hot Property 
(Sitcom) – the competitive world of the real estate agent.
Lies and the Wives We Tell Them 
(Sitcom) – politically incorrect family comedy.
(Sitcom) – Tori Spelling stars in a mockumentary of her life.
Nobody’s Watching 
(Sitcom) – two normal guys win a reality show where their lives become a sitcom.
Pepper Dennis 
(Drama) – Rebecca Romijn as a modern Mary Richards-type journalist in Chicago.
(Drama) – four sisters coping with life in the city.

USA raises tariffs on inexpensive Chinese solar panels

Friday, October 12, 2012

This Wednesday, the United States Department of Commerce issued a ruling to set tariffs on Chinese-made solar panels ranging from 18% to 250% for different solar panels manufacturers. China protested against the new tariffs on Thursday claiming that they make export of solar panels to the USA unprofitable.

A US-German company SolarWorld and a group of other companies complained and initiated the tariffs change. Some manufacturers claimed China’s subsidies are an unfair advantage for the Chinese solar panel manufacturers, and challenged whether China’s economy is a free market.

Wang Shuai, a spokesman for the Yingli solar energy company, commented that 30% tariffs are unprofitable. He claimed that in the solar industry, gross profit margins are about 10 percent. “A tax rate of 30 percent is the same as 200 percent. Both of them mean the door is closed for exporting to the United States. No one does business to lose money.”

The tariffs would not go into effect until the International Trade Commission confirms the Chinese pricing hurts the U.S. solar industry.

The tariffs occur as the Chinese solar panel manufacturers have reported losses this year of hundreds of millions of dollars, according to AP.

Differences Between Gun Safes And Cabinets

Differences between gun safes and cabinets


ShootUK UK

Ask any shooting enthusiast and he or she will tell you how important the storage of firearms is. In fact, as much care that you give in purchasing the guns, you need to give even more in storing them as well.Safe and secure storing of guns and accessories are important for different reasons:

YouTube Preview Image

You don\’t want the gun to reach the wrong hands, who might misuse the gun. If there is some damage occurred due to your gun that might bring harm to you and your family. If there are children at home, you need to take extra care to keep the gun away from them. Children being children would be attracted to items like gun and would want to play with it. Hence, it falls on you to take care that these items are kept away from them. There are people who are ignorant of handling guns and weapons. So leaving your gun anywhere in the house could result in such people trying the guns and accidentally shooting and harming others. This brings us to the fact that if you are interested in shooting and purchasing shooting weapons you should also make arrangements to store these weapons safely. And for this purpose, gun safes and cabinets are the best options for you. While there both gun safes and cabinets to store the guns how do you choose the one that you want? The answer is simple. It depends on whether you wish to only keep the guns safely or to display them as well. Gun safes Gun safes are exactly what they are named, that is, safes made of metal that is difficult to break, or rather, unbreakable. Also, gun safes are opened using various mechanisms ranging from the simple lock and key to the high technology passcode systems. These safes are normally fireproof, flood proof and theft proof and provide the high security that you want to give your weapons. If the safe keeping of your gun is very important to you, gun safes are the best choice as it could be kept away from probing visitors and curious eyes. The progress in technology has allowed gun lovers to make further enhancements on gun safes to make them more secure. This includes the alarms, fingerprint detection and retina detection that would ensure that none other than the owners would have access to the guns. Gun cabinets Gun cabinets are basically glass cabinets where you can store the guns as well as display them to your guests and visitors. The glass used to make these cabinets is extra strong and has safety locks. These cabinets are usually used to store guns that are more for display than use. For example, guns of ancient periods are stored in cabinets as items for display. As cabinets are used to expose than hide its contents, they are more ornamental and bright. Some of them have lights inside to illuminate the contents. If there is one issue for gun cabinets, it is the lack of security. Though they can be locked with safety alarms, an attacker can easily enter, break the glass and take away the gun inside. Of course, there are harder materials used to make gun cabinets; however, cabinets cannot give the security offered by gun safes. Both gun safes and cabinets are essential when you are planning to buy and store your firearms in your house. There are different models for both and you could check them out in the various online stores. This way you could browse and choose the model you want without visiting multiple stores in person and wasting your time and energy. And once you find the perfect model, you could make your purchase also online, provided the store you\’ve found is reliable and of high quality.

Shoot UK is the UK\’s leading online store for shooting accessories and equipments for those who enjoy outdoor shooting and hunting. For more information on accessories like gun safes and cabinets log on to the online store of Shoot UK.

Article Source:

Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Communist Party candidate Johan Boyden, Toronto Centre

Friday, October 5, 2007

Johan Boyden is running for the Communist Party in the Ontario provincial election, in the Toronto Centre riding. Wikinews interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.