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300-075 Certification Guides


Adila MasihQuestion: 1

Which parameter should be set to prevent H.323 endpoints from registering to Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server automatically?

A. On the VCS, navigate to Configuration, Protocols, H.323, and set Auto Discover to off.

B. On the VCS, navigate to Configuration, Protocols, H.323, and set Auto Registration to off.C. On the VCS, navigate to Configuration, Registration, Allow List, and set Auto Registration to off.D. On the VCS, navigate to Configuration, Registration, Configuration, and set Auto Registration to off.

Answer: A

Question: 2

Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement is true?

A. Endpoints can make calls to unknown IP addresses without the VCS querying any neighbors.

B. If the VCS receives a call to an unknown IP address, it queries its neighbors for the remote address and if permitted, it routes the call through the neighbor.C. Endpoints that are registered directly to the VCS can call only an IP address of a system that is also registered directly to that VCS.D. Dialing by IP address is not supported on VCS.

Answer: A

Question: 3

You want to avoid unnecessary interworking in Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server, such as where a call between two H.323 endpoints is made over SIP, or vice versa.

Which setting is recommended?A. H.323 – SIP interworking mode. RejectB. H.323 – SIP interworking mode. OnC. H.323 – SIP interworking mode. Registered onlyD. H.323 – SIP interworking mode. OffE. H.323 – SIP interworking mode. VariableAnswer: C

Question: 4

Which three statements about configuring an encrypted trunk between Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server and Cisco Unified Communications Manager are true? (Choose three.)

A. The root CA of the VCS server certificate must be loaded in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

B. A SIP trunk security profile must be configured with Incoming Transport Type set to TCP+UDP.C. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager trunk configuration must have the destination port set to 5061.D. A SIP trunk security profile must be configured with Device Security Mode set to TLS.E. A SIP trunk security profile must be configured with the X.509 Subject Name from the VCS certificate.F. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager zone configured in VCS must have SIP authentication trust mode set to On.G. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager zone configured in VCS must have TLS verify mode set to Off.

Answer: A, C, E

Question: 5

Which two statements about configuring mobile and remote access on Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server Expressway are true? (Choose two.)

A. The traversal server zone on Expressway-C must have a TLS verify subject name configured.

B. The traversal client zone and the traversal server zone Media encryption mode must be set to Force encrypted.C. The traversal client zone and the traversal server zone Media encryption mode must be set to Auto.D. The traversal client zone on Expressway-C Media encryption mode must be set to Auto.E. The traversal client zone and the traversal server zone must be set to SIP TLS with TLS verify mode set to On.

Answer: B, E

Question: 6

Which two actions ensure that the call load from Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster is shared across Unified CM nodes? (Choose two.)

A. Create a neighbor zone in VCS with the Unified CM nodes listed as location peer addresses.

B. Create a single traversal client zone in VCS with the Unified CM nodes listed as location peer addresses.C. Create one neighbor zone in VCS for each Unified CM node.D. Create a VCS DNS zone and configure one DNS SRV record per Unified CM node.E. In VCS set Unified Communications mode to Mobile and remote access and configure each Unified CM node.

Answer: A, E

Question: 7

Which two options are configuration steps on Cisco Unified Communications Manager that are used when integrating with VCS Expressway servers? (Choose two.)

A. allowing numeric dialing from Cisco phones to Expressway

B. configuring a device pool with video feature enabledC. allowing dialing to Expressway domain from Cisco phonesD. creating an application user on Cisco Unified Communications Manager with assigned privilegesE. adding the Expressway servers to the Application Servers list

Answer: A, C

Question: 8

Which two statements regarding IPv4 Static NAT address has been configured on a VCS Expressway are true? (Choose two.)

A. The Advanced Networking or Dual Network Interfaces option key has been installed.

B. VCS rewrites the Layer 3 source address of outbound SIP and H.323 packets to VCS applies to outbound SIP and H.323 payload messages.D. With static NAT enabled on the LAN2 interface, VCS applies to outbound H.323 and SIP payload traffic exiting the LAN1 interface.

Answer: A, C

Question: 9

Which configuration does Cisco recommend for the peer address on the Expressway-C secure traversal zone when the Expressway-E has one NIC enabled?

A. Expressway-E internal IP address

B. Expressway-E external IP addressC. Expressway-E internal FQDND. Expressway-E external FQDN

Answer: B

Question: 10

If delegated credentials checking has been enabled and remote workers can register to the VCS Expressway, which statement is true?

A. H.323 message credential checks are delegated.

B. SIP registration proxy mode is set to On in the VCS Expressway.C. A secure neighbor zone has been configured between the VCS Expressway and the VCS Control.D. SIP registration proxy mode is set to Off in the VCS Expressway.

Answer: D

Question: 11

Which two options should be used to create a secure traversal zone between the Expressway-C and Expressway-E? (Choose two.)

A. Expressway-C and Expressway-E must trust each other’s server certificate.

B. One Cisco Unified Communications traversal zone for H.323 and SIP connections.C. A separate pair of traversal zones must be configured if an H.323 connection is required and Interworking is disabled.D. Enable username and password authentication verification on Expressway-E.E. Create a set of username and password on each of the Expressway-C and Expressway-E to authenticate the neighboring peer.

Answer: A, C

Question: 12

Which two statements regarding you configuring a traversal server and traversal client relationship are true? (Choose two.)

A. VCS supports only the H.460.18/19 protocol for H.323 traversal calls.

B. VCS supports either the Assent or the H.460.18/19 protocol for H.323 traversal calls.C. VCS supports either the Assent or the H.460.18/19 protocol for SIP traversal calls.D. If the Assent protocol is configured, a TCP/TLS connection is established from the traversal client to the traversal server for SIP signaling.E. A VCS Expressway located in the public network or DMZ acts as the firewall traversal client.

Answer: B, D

Question: 13

What is the standard Layer 3 DSCP media packet value that should be set for Cisco TelePresence endpoints?

A. CS3 (24)

B. EF (46)C. AF41 (34)D. CS4 (32)

Answer: D

Question: 14

When you configure QoS on VCS, which settings do you apply if traffic through the VCS should be tagged with DSCP AF41?

A. Set QoS mode to DiffServ and tag value 32.

B. Set QoS mode to IntServ and tag value to 34.C. Set QoS mode to DiffServ and tag value 34.D. Set QoS mode to IntServ and tag value to 32.E. Set QoS mode to ToS and tag value to 32.

Answer: C

Question: 15

Refer to the exhibit.

Which three statements about when user A calls user using SIP are true? (Choose three.)

A. SIP TCP/TLS ports must be opened from internal to DMZ and vice versa.

B. Deploying a Cisco VCS Expressway behind a NAT mandates the use of the Advanced Networking option key.C. Cisco VCS Control and Cisco VCS Expressway support static NAT.D. Deploying a Cisco VCS Control inside a NAT mandates the use of the Advanced Networking option key.E. RT and RTCP ports must be opened at the firewall from internal to DMZ and vice versaF. The NAT device must translate from 10.X.X X to 193.1.1.X and vice versa.Answer: ABE

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Total Questions: 169Test Number: 300-075Vendor Name: CCNP COLLABORATIONCert Name: CISCOTest Name: IMPLEMENTING CISCO IP TELEPHONY AND VIDEO, PART 2 (CIPTV2)Official Site: http:// http://www.directcertify.co.uk/ For More Details: http://www.directcertify.co.uk/300-075.htmlGet20% Immediate Discount on Full Training MaterialDiscount Coupon Code:411611IUH5

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The Real Estate Finance In Europe: What You Need To Know?

In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of real estate finance available in Europe and how they can help your business. We will also provide tips on choosing the right real estate finance for your business and what factors you need to consider. Finally, we will give you a snapshot of the current European real estate market so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right real estate finance for your venture. So whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property, read on to learn more!

What is Real Estate Finance in Europe?

When you’re ready to purchase or lease a property, one of the best things to do is to get in touch with a qualified financial advisor. They can help you understand the various available financing options, and can help you choose the best one for your specific situation. There are a variety of financing methods, which can include mortgages, loan guarantees, and equity investments. By understanding real estate finance in Europe, you can make an informed and informed decision when it comes to purchasing or leasing a property.

Types of Real Estate Finance

When it comes to buying a home, there are a lot of options available. But which one is right for you? Well, to help you make a decision, we’ve put together a guide on the three most common types of real estate finance fixed-rate mortgages, variable-rate mortgages, and interest-only loans. As you can see, each has its benefits and drawbacks. It’s important to understand all of them before making a decision, so you can pick the one that’s best for your situation. If you’re feeling extra cautious, consider choosing a fixed-rate mortgage. This will help you reduce the risk of being in over your head, and gives you peace of mind. Finally, don’t forget to get a mortgage insurance policy to protect yourself in case of emergencies.

How to Choose the Right Real Estate Finance for Your Business?

Businesses of all types are looking for ways to improve their bottom line. One way to do this is by choosing the right real estate finance option for their business. When choosing a financing option, it’s important to consider your needs and goals. For example, do you need to borrow money quickly to take advantage of a property opportunity? Or do you want to take your time and shop around for the best deal? Pay close attention to interest rates and fees associated with different financing options; they can have a significant impact on your overall cost of ownership. Additionally, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the deal, as well as what is included in the credit package. There are a variety of options available, so it’s important to research each one thoroughly before making a decision. With the right real estate finance in place, your business can move forward confidently and reach its financial goals.

What are some of the Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Home Lender in Europe?

When choosing a home lender in Europe, it’s important to consider a few key factors. One of the most important things you should consider is the lender’s license type. This will help you know what kind of standards they have in terms of quality control and ethical practices. It’s also important to look at their review ratings to get an idea of how reliable they are. Another key factor to take into account is customer service availability and experience. Make sure to speak to representatives from different lenders to get a sense of who has the best policies and procedures in place when it comes to handling customer inquiries. Moreover, you may also want to consider the lender’s jurisdiction/country of origin. This will help you get an understanding of their banking infrastructure and how well-connected they are to other financial institutions in Europe.

Are There Any Special Requirements that I Need to Meet When Applying for a Mortgage in Europe?

When you’re looking to buy a property in Europe, it’s important to have a few things in mind. First and foremost, you will likely need to provide documentation such as your income and assets. Additionally, you may need to have a health insurance policy that will cover all living costs while you’re living in the country. Finally, it’s always a good idea to speak with an experienced real estate agent who can help simplify the process for you.

What are the Common Features of a Mortgage in Europe?

Mortgages in Europe are usually long-term, with a maximum loan amount that’s usually higher than in the United States. For example, a loan in the U.S. can be up to 90% of a property’s value, but in Europe, the maximum loan value ranges from 85% to 100%. In addition to credit history, other factors are taken into account when lending money including your age, current debt burden, and employment status. You generally need at least 3 months’ income saved up before you apply for a mortgage. Mortgages in Europe are typically floating interest rates that can go up or down. This means that the interest rate on your mortgage will change based on prevailing market conditions.

How Long does it Normally Take to Get a Mortgage Approved in Europe?

It can normally take up to six months for a mortgage to be approved in most cases in Europe. This is because lenders want to ensure that you are a responsible and stable borrower who will be able to repay the loan in full and on time. To help speed up the process, be prepared to answer questions about your loan history and current financial stability. Additionally, you’ll need to provide documentation such as your credit score, income and asset declarations, etc. Make sure to visit a local mortgage broker or bank if you have any questions or would like to get started on the mortgage application process. They will be more than happy to help you out.

Can I Use My Home Equity to Finance My Purchase of Property in Europe?

Yes, you can use your home equity to finance your purchase of property in Europe. The interest rates that are usually offered on loans for real estate in Europe are usually much lower than what you would find in the United States. This makes it a great option for people who want to buy property overseas but don’t want to take out a large loan. To make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal, it’s always smart to calculate your annual income and expenses first. You might also want to consider buying property in a market that’s not as hot as others to save up money. After all, property prices vary significantly from country to country, so don’t expect to buy into an expensive market and still come out ahead.

If you’re interested in investing in real estate in Europe, you’ll want to be aware of the different types of real estate finance available. From traditional loans to property investment schemes, there is a financing option perfect for your business. Additionally, real estate finance can help you increase your profits by providing you with a stable and long-term investment. To learn more about real estate finance and decide which option is right for you, read on!

Tips On Renovating A Commercial Property

By Steve Juzefyk

There is nothing worse than walking into a business that is in ill repair. Even though the products may be useful and enticing, the general appeal may prevent customers from walking through the door. Commercial renovation can be beneficial in many ways to a business and a business owner. Commercial renovation can decrease spending by sealing cracks and insulating to prevent extra heating and/or air conditioning costs. Commercial renovation can greatly appreciate the value of a business, thus creating more equity if and when it may be necessary to apply for a loan or to sell the business. Commercial renovation attracts more customers, as a clean and refurbished establishment represents success.

1) Prioritize-Decide on which area needs to be renovated the most. There may be several areas that need repair, but some projects may take precedence over others. Keep in mind if that the outside of a business is the first thing a customer will see. It may be a good idea to start with projects such as stairways, exterior resurfacing or walkways before heading inside for the other jobs.


2) Create a budget-A budget for commercial renovation doesn’t have to include everything, but it should include the factors that will either save the most money and the ones that may potentially create a safety hazard. Interior renovation may include waterproofing or insulation, which both can be beneficial when it comes to saving money. Safety is of utmost importance. This may include concrete repair, resurfacing or reconstruction of walls and/or ceilings.

3) Follow a checklist-Complete commercial renovation doesn’t have to all be done at once, but having a checklist of all the necessary repairs will make it easier to track and estimate in the long run. The total may not be as bad as initially planned. Acquire estimates and continue to make the necessary commercial renovations with the priority on both cost and safety.

4) Consider expansion-A successful business may need more space for whatever purpose it may be. Some businesses need more room for storage or stock, while others may need it for product display or dining space. Commercial renovation can include expansion or add-ons, balconies, loading docks and pathways. Choosing the necessary expansion depends on the needs of the business.

5) Eco-friendly options-One of the trends in today’s commercial renovations is ‘going green.’ Not only does eco-friendly commercial renovation save money, but it also may offer longer term rewards with the environment. Examples of eco-friendly commercial renovations are climate control product installation, energy efficient lighting fixtures, thermal doors and windows and plumbing. Basically, ‘going green’ means saving energy, and any commercial renovation that saves energy will ultimately save money.

Most commercial renovation is done in phases. This can be for reasons of a project’s time or it may be related to the means of how the budget is allocated. Many businesses may need to finance the commercial renovation with a rehab or construction loan, whereby the money is allotted through each phase of development of the commercial renovation. Commercial renovation is a way for a business owner to keep an eye on the future. Not only will the finished work create a safer, more efficient environment, but it will also create value for the business as a whole.

About the Author: Juzefyk Bros. Construction has been providing superior quality masonry work for over sixty years. Now in its third generation, Juzefyk Brothers continues to offer a wide variety of interior and exterior construction, renovation, restoration, and design.




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Taking A Look At Facial Plastic Surgery Of The Nose}

Taking A Look At Facial Plastic Surgery Of The Nose


Michael Selvon

Because many people are not satisfied with the size, shape or length of their nose, the desire to improve the contour can lead them to one of the most popular procedures in facial plastic surgery in the United States. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), well over 300,000 women and men underwent rhinoplasty in 2008. For a more positive experience, your doctor should address all of your questions and concerns before you decide if this procedure is right for you.

As with any type of facial plastic surgery procedure, the best candidates for nose surgery are those who want a general improvement in their appearance, not perfection. A person should be in good physical and mental health, and have realistic expectations before undertaking any type of aesthetic plastic surgery.


It is important to remember that most surgeons won’t perform surgery of the nose on a patient until they have finished growing. This is typically at age 17 or older for males and 16 or older for females.

Reconstructive surgery of the nose usually takes around one to two hours and is performed under a general or local anesthetic. You may have it at a hospital or at an outpatient surgical center. Nose surgery can be performed one of two ways; either through an open or closed technique. It will depend on your condition and what your surgeon prefers.

The open technique can give the good results if the plastic surgeon performing the procedure has good visibility of the internal structure of the nose. Small surgical incisions are made inside the nostrils and across the vertical strip of tissue that separates the nostrils.

The closed technique can be completed almost without any scarring. It is favored by many doctors because it doesn’t require an external incision. If the closed technique is performed, the healing time is relatively quick, though swelling can be more prominent and may take longer to go away than with the open technique.

The possible risks and complications are typically minor with surgery of the nose, though all plastic surgery procedures carry side effects and risks. These can include numbness, infection, a negative reaction to anesthesia, excessive nose bleeding, the need for a another procedure, swelling, bruising and delays in healing.

Regardless of which surgical technique is used, after it is done, a splint is applied and the nose is packed lightly with surgical gauze. Changing the gauze bandages a few times each day during the first few days following cosmetic plastic surgery is important because you may have some minor bleeding. Within a few days, most patients are able to resume light activity, but do keep in mind that it could take several weeks before the nose is completely healed.

It can be in your best interest to choose a plastic surgeon who is board certified for your facial plastic surgery procedure. A board certified plastic surgeon is required to have more surgical training and has completed a rigorous training program. This guarantees that they have met the requirements needed to perform plastic surgery on the face and other parts of the body.

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Taking A Look At Facial Plastic Surgery Of The Nose }

Tips For Washing Used Cars

Tips for Washing used cars



Whether it is new or used, nothing is attractive like a sparkly car. It is so for the reason that the style it sparkles tells anyone that it has immediately stepped out of its assemblage line in recent time. When a used car comes out of their units, geared up to be sold, its paint is before now cured as conflicting to what used to come about in the old days when it gets more or less a month for the shading of a old car to be treated. At the present due to the progress in technology, the tint is previously cured with the help of high temperature ovens.

Consequently, if you have bought UAE car and are willing to remain your used car look neat all the time and if you are apprehensive whether you are able to wax your old car or not, afterwards don t be for the reason that it is ok to wax a new car as its shade has previously cured. On the other hand, there are some helpful tips for washing used cars, more than ever for a new car. One should follow it if one wants to keep hold of that shine of new paint.


Make sure the checking of car if all its windows are closed. You are not required to look for any of that soapy water to pour out in the interior to smash up the interior. You should take it outside in abundant light and open space other than take care to keep it in the shadow and not in nonstop sunlight. Many suggestions are obtainable from Dubai motors while seeing cars for sale.

Now, you would require a soft duster, if at all possible pure cotton or micro-fibre washing mitt with the intention of safe for paint and you are also going to could do with a container full of water or a tube attached with running water tap. The thing to take care with pipes is that people over and over again cross it from the car s roof and it can prove to be ruthlessly damaging to the car s outer surface as it can put scratches depending upon the kind of finish the pipe has from outside. As a result, it is frequently well again to make use of a bucket and a mug to fling water on the outer cover of the car.

Avoid the usage of shampoo or any other home detergent to make your car dirt-free. There are many genuine and secure car washing solutions easily on hand in the markets which are safe and sound for the shade of the outer surface. You are referred to add that solution to the water and at that time wet your car with it.

One time, when the car has entirely dried off, at this is the time to time to wax your car. The wax is not only going to give the car its shine, it is also going to look after the outer walls from dirt and other particles from damaging the outer surface paint.

Find more information relating to Dubai cars for sale, and buy used cars here.

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Window Blinds For Your Residence: A Minimalist Strategy To Interior Design

Window Blinds For your Residence: A Minimalist Strategy To Interior Design


Edward Pryor

It really is undeniable that window blinds are highly helpful for retaining the sun out throughout vivid days within the most practical manner. It does not matter no matter whether you will use it during the office or as part of your own residence. Many sizes for window blinds can be found on the market and it truly is not hard to seem for any style and design of the liking. Indeed, window blinds are very minimalist in form, inside the sense that individuals kinds of window fixtures include lines as its principal element. Nevertheless its function is highly invaluable because of its functions that are straightforward to handle in comparison with curtains.


If you need to acquire away from your pomp and ubiquity of standard curtains, then it is recommended that you simply make use of window blinds. There is nothing at all a lot more handy than producing use of window blinds for your objective of maintaining the sun away simply as a result of the fact that it\’s functions that are less difficult to take care of. Plus, you may handle the amount of sunlight which you desire to enable within your space. That could give you a balanced way of managing light entry as well, which you could by no means get from tying down your curtains with curtain ropes.

Window blinds are really tasteful in relation to interior style and design as well. The extremely use of lines give for that minimalism of window blinds. When paired with other minimalist furniture, window blinds could turn out to become an interesting design and style function. Plus, it offers for a expert seem because blinds normally can be found in no-nonsense solid colours which could serve as an interesting detail within a contemporary kind. Therefore, in terms of interior design, window blinds are perfect for modern models, specifically people which reek of minimalism which includes solid yet sharp lines.

Servicing is actually a non-issue in relation to window blinds. You do not must worry about needing to soak your window blinds in water like what you always do along with your curtains. At most, you just should have a dependable brush to ensure that you may sweep off the dirt on your blinds efficiently. Some individuals even desire to create use of mini vacuum cleaners in order that they could clean off the dirt on their blinds efficiently. For that sake of simplicity and effectiveness, nevertheless, a suitable brush is more than enough to perform the cleansing job around the blinds.

Minimalism is certainly the key feature when it comes to window blinds. It stays away in the many hassles that you simply should handle tending to curtains, aside from the truth that it incorporates minimal details using a sharp twist, design-wise. As a result, you need to make it a point to move forward and install window blinds as a substitute. Putting in just one set of window blinds on a specific window of the property or workplace could entail you a years’ really worth of protection. In that case, you don\’t should acquire numerous sets of curtains anymore as replacements for one particular after an additional.

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Indi Go Escapes Worst Of Indian Airline Turbulence ?(Et Flight School)

IndiGo, a low-fare carrier launched in 2006, has climbed to second place in market share at the expense of Air India and Kingfisher Airlines and is the only one of India’s six main carriers making a profit, for now at least.While Kingfisher and market-leading Jet Airways have bought rivals, fly multiple plane models and have struggled to mix full-service and low-fare options, IndiGo offers one class of no-frills service on a single type of plane, the same strategy pioneered by U.S.-based Southwest Airlines.IndiGo also sells and leases back its planes, sparing its balance sheet and allowing itself to maintain a young fleet.Kingfisher, headed by liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya, has never made a profit and has grounded more than half of its planes as it struggles to pay staff and creditors and scrambles to find investors. Tax authorities last month froze its bank accounts.”Indigo has done everything right which Kingfisher has done wrong,” said Rajan Mehra, executive director at the Asia Pacific Academy for Aviation and Hospitality.Industry watchers say there is no great secret to IndiGo’s success, which they attribute to rigid adherence to a disciplined business plan, a task that grows more complex as the 50-plane airline adds a new plane every month.Still, IndiGo is not immune to the industry’s myriad headaches that include fierce competition, a weak rupee, high taxes, rising airport fees and the high cost of oil.”Indigo so far might have been doing better than the others, but they are facing the same operational costs, the same infrastructure constraints,” Mehra said.Airfares are low in India, where carriers compete with trains and buses for passengers. A one-way ticket for April 18 from Mumbai to Delhi, a distance of about 720 miles, starts at around 3,935 rupees ($79.50) on IndiGo, GoAir or Jet’s JetLite subsidiary, according to a popular travel website.Kingfisher and Jet have learned the hard way that travelers don’t want to pay for frills on India’s short domestic flights, forcing them to set up low-fare offshoots to compete with IndiGo and budget rivals SpiceJet and GoAir.”What the customer wants is on-time performance, he wants good service onboard, he wants consistent on-ground and onboard services. He doesn’t mind paying for the food,” said Mehra.LOW-COST, NOT LOW-QUALITY IndiGo’s rise mirrors that of Jet Airways in the 1990s, before it became a sprawling international carrier that has lost money in the last four quarters.”Jet also came from nowhere, took on Indian Airlines (now part of Air India) and succeeded to become a big market share holder,” said Mahantesh Sabarad, an aviation analyst with Fortune Equity Brokers.IndiGo has 21 percent of the domestic market, behind the combined low-cost and premium operations of Jet Airways, but up from its 17 percent share at the end of 2010.The Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) expects IndiGo to take the top spot from Jet in a few months in an aviation market that grew 17 percent in 2011 and is expected to expand by about 12 percent annually over the next few years.Last year, IndiGo placed what was then the biggest-ever commercial airline order for 180 Airbus A320s worth $16 billion to be delivered starting in 2015 when an earlier 100-plane order is completed. It also began flying to a handful of foreign destinations using the same narrow-body plane type.While IndiGo says it spends less than 1 percent of revenue on marketing, it cultivates a fun, irreverent image.A splashy advertisement to the tune of a Gilbert & Sullivan number runs in heavy rotation on local TV. Its inflight catalog is called “Hello 6E” — a play on IndiGo’s airline code — and many of its air hostesses wear the same bobbed wig.”Our only big objective is to prove that low-cost is not low-quality,” Indigo’s president, Aditya Ghosh, told a group of management graduates in New Delhi recently.Based outside New Delhi in Gurgaon, IndiGo was founded by Rahul Bhatia’s InterGlobe Enterprises, an aviation and travel services firm, and former US Airways CEO Rakesh Gangwal.The airline has said it would consider an IPO, but Ghosh said recently it has no current plans to do so.”They focused on simple things: on-time performance, clean, neat aircraft, good onboard service,” said Kapil Kaul, CAPA’s regional head.He said the carrier’s international operations pose a risk, given different competitive dynamics and the prospect that a rival such as Singapore Airlines’ Scoot startup could begin flying to Mumbai and Delhi with bigger Boeing 777s.INDUSTRY HEADWINDS Indian airlines will lose up to $3 billion in the fiscal year that ends this month, according to CAPA, with state-owned Air India accounting for the bulk of the losses.Safety in the cash-strapped sector has also been a concern. A December audit by the aviation regulator raised concerns over the safety practices followed by almost all Indian carriers. The audit singled out IndiGo for a review of its fleet expansion plans and highlighted what it said was a shortage of instructors and slow training of pilots and cabin crew at IndiGo and others.IndiGo said in January it offered clarifications to the regulator and that its expansion plans were intact.IndiGo says it earned 6.5 billion rupees ($131 million) in the fiscal year that ended last March, a result that Kingfisher’s Mallya has questioned.”Government policies can make or break any industry. So far, it has been downhill for civil aviation except for one airline that defies the odds and claims to be profitable, however unlikely that may be,” he wrote in a recent memo to staff.CAPA’s Kaul said he has seen IndiGo’s numbers and the airline is indeed profitable. He did say earnings will be “substantially impacted” in the current harsh environment.Ghosh acknowledged the tough market conditions. “If the fares are down and fuel prices are up, obviously it will create pressure on margins. But as long as we can keep our heads above the water, which basically means we have money for spare parts, for hiring people, for recruitment, that’s what profitability means for us,” he said.

Hostelbookers Vouchers: Have A Safe Accommodation Facility At A Discounted Rate

Hostelbookers Vouchers: Have A Safe Accommodation Facility At A Discounted Rate


Aubrey John

Hostelbookers Vouchers: Have A Safe Accommodation Facility At A Discounted Rate

Hostelbokers is the largest hostel booking organization in the world. Hostelbookers helps to manage hostel during your travel at far from home. However, hostelbookers vouchers helps to manage your accommodation facilities in a cheaper way. So, before taking service from hostelbookers you have to seek if there are any hostelbookers vouchers available or not. You can search for hostelbookes vouchers at the hostelbookers website. On the other hand there are some other websites that also offer hostelbookers vouchers as a gift. Actually by providing hostelbookers vouchers they try to introduce themselves and also try to show reliability of their services.

However, vouchers at any form are always expected to all. Most often there are two types of vouchers are available in the market. One is hard form of voucher that is printed vouchers and another is the soft form of vouchers that is code. Hostelbookers vouchers at any form of above are very popular to all. Actually most of the people in the world try to have a cheap accommodation facility during travelling. This actually helps to make travel more enjoyable and also cost effective. As hostelbookers vouchers offer to provide cheaper accommodation facilities, so, this is much expected to all.


On the other hand, hostelbookers vouchers are also very helpful to have some extra services from the hostelbookers. For example, to make travel better and enjoyable, hostelbookers often arrange some party or any program. You can have some extra facilities if you have the hostelbookers vouchers. however, hostelbookers vouchers helps to reduce your cost of travelling in all the ways. But during having the hostelbookers vouchers, you have to care about the terms and conditions of it. It is because; hostelbookers vouchers are not applicable for all the services of hostelbookers. So, you should know properly that on which services the hostelbookers vouchers are applicable.

Hostelbookers vouchers are basically provided to make your journey more cost effective way. On the other hand hostelbookers also try to make some advertisement of it by providing hostelbookers vouchers. However, all time hostelbookers provide the same services to all whether you are a hostelbookers vouchers holder or not. Especially in the security related issues, hostelbookers is always very careful. On the other hand to make your journey better they are also responsible to take proper care of you all the time by providing hostelbookers 24 hours support service. So, you can have a risk free travel by hostelbookers.

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Cosmetic Surgery Negligence: Your Rights

Cosmetic Surgery Negligence: Your Rights


Ben Greenwood

Any person who has suffered any kind of damage, scarring or other problems due to medical negligence during cosmetic surgery has a right to claim compensation for cosmetic surgery negligence.

A person who chooses a surgeon puts an enormous amount of trust in the surgeon’s ability to treat them well. However, with the boom in cosmetic surgery, many clinics have doctors and nurses who are not properly qualified, or who are negligent in the treatment of their patients. Once the patient is under the surgeon’s counsel, it is the legal responsibility of the surgeon to care for him or her, following the right medical practices and rules.


The Patient’s Rights

A person who suffers due to negligence from plastic surgery can claim compensation for any of the following: excessive scarring, particularly that which she was not warned about; uneven results (eg., size of breasts being unequal after reduction or augmentation procedures); infection or nerve damage that occurs due to negligence; loss of function in the nerves, particularly after face lift or related procedures.

The patient can also claim compensation if the surgeon fails to explain all the related effects and risks of the surgery she will be undergoing; lack of adequate post-operative care, and any physical abnormalities that ay occur due to medical error.

The Law

On the surface, cosmetic claims are the same as any other medical claim. The difference lies in the fact that in medical negligence claims, the NHS is usually the defendant. In cosmetic surgery claims, however, the patient has a contract with a private clinic or hospital, which tries to distance itself from liabilities arising from negligence. While signing a contract for cosmetic surgery, it is important to go through it carefully and make sure that the hospital or clinic can be held liable for any probable error they might commit later.

According to the law, there should be a period of two weeks between the consultation and the actual surgery, giving the patient time to reconsider her decision. During this period, the surgeon should explain the procedure of the surgery, and not rush the patient, as cosmetic surgery is very rarely performed in emergency situations. In many cases, the surgeon has to recommend psychological counselling as well to the patient. Once the patient decides to go ahead, she should be given a written guide about the surgery, its effects and the terms and conditions of the contract.

What Can You Claim

When claiming compensation for negligence during cosmetic surgery, it is important to approach a medical negligence solicitor who can help with the lawsuit. An experienced solicitor can help the patient claim compensation for all of her losses including psychological trauma caused by unexpected results; any costs that may arise to correct the mistakes from the surgery; loss of any earnings, and cost of medical care, as well as other related expenses. Any losses directly arising from the negligence during cosmetic surgery can be claimed. The courts decree that prospective patients should be aware of the results of the cosmetic surgery, and should have a realistic idea of what they can expect to look like or achieve after the surgery.

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How The Real Estate Short Sale Process Works

By Simon Volkov

Real estate short sale agreements have been offered for years, but have only become popular since the banking crisis occurred. Lenders sometimes enter into short sale contracts to avoid the expense of foreclosure. In essence, banks allow borrowers to sell their house for less than owed on the mortgage note.

The real estate short sale process can take several months to complete. The first step involves providing financial records to an assigned bank loss mitigator to determine if borrowers and their property are eligible for short selling. Borrowers must be in serious financial distress and cannot own valuable assets which could be sold to satisfy the loan balance.

Bank loss mitigators are responsible for many facets of mortgage default. They often handle loan deferments, loan modifications, real estate forbearance, mortgage refinance, deed in lieu of foreclosure, foreclosure, and short sale transactions.

One of the biggest frustrations borrowers face is the length of time it can take to make direct contact with lenders. However, borrowers must be persistent in their efforts to obtain a successful outcome. If necessary, send a certified letter with a return receipt request which requires lenders to sign the receipt to acknowledge they received documents.


Short sales are handled differently by each lender. Some banks require borrowers to have a qualified buyer in place before granting short sale approval. Others grant borrowers’ time to list their home for sale through a realtor. In rare instances, mortgage lenders allow borrowers to list the property as for sale by owner.

Locating a realtor to list short sale property can sometimes be challenging. Agents can be required to reduce commission rates to expedite quick sale of the home. In addition to reduced commissions, real estate short sales require additional paperwork to document the sale.

It is the responsibility of the mortgagor to understand lender requirements. Those who aren’t comfortable going through the short sale process on their own should consult with a real estate lawyer or short sale specialist. Private real estate investors can be a good source as well. Many investors have negotiated with banks to purchase short sale real estate as investment property.

Most banks require borrowers to be a minimum of 31 days delinquent before discussing the option to short sell. Property owners with accrued home equity normally do not qualify for real estate short sales. However, if extenuating circumstances surround the borrower’s ability to pay future loan payments, lenders may consider this option.

Individuals who have recently lost their spouse to death or divorce, or borrowers enduring chronic or terminal health issues might be granted short sale approval. Much depends on the policies of the lender. Borrowers facing these types of problems should talk with their lender to determine available options.

Mortgagors must determine the type of short sale offered by their lender. Most banks hold borrowers responsible for deficiency amounts between the sale price and loan balance. Once the property is sold banks can demand payment in full.

If borrowers cannot pay the deficiency in full, banks can obtain court ordered deficiency judgments. If borrowers do not establish a payment plan to pay the deficiency amount, banks can garnish wages until the debt is fully paid.

The goal of real estate short sales is to obtain a payment in full agreement. This option lets borrowers walk away from the property without owing additional funds. However, short sales are reflected in credit reports as foreclosure and debtors will witness a reduction in credit scores. Debtors should immediately engage in credit repair strategies to offset the blemish of short selling.

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