The Electric Forklift Pros And Cons

The Electric Forklift Pros and Cons


Debbie Oldham

The electric forklift is a great option if you are looking for a new forklift compared to the other diesel or petrol powered trucks on the market today. The forklift itself operates in a similar fashion but there are other differences that can be deemed as advantageous and disadvantageous. The electric forklift is a better option for the sake of the environment because it does not produce any emission into the air. Warehouses and distribution centres using petrol powered forklifts can only make use of the forklifts outside they cannot be used inside. Businesses that utilize forklift trucks which use inner combustion engines require ventilation which is another extra cost, whereas an electric forklift does not need this because it doesn’t give off any fumes and they can be used inside.


The downside to the forklift which is powered by electric is that they do not last as long as other types of fork lift trucks. The electric forklift generally lasts around six to seven hours and then the battery needs recharging again, the battery takes up to 8 hours to recharge. With petrol powered fork lift trucks they can keep on working no matter what as they just need refueling. If your business requires the use of a forklift truck for more than 6 or 7 hours straight then additional batteries will need to be purchased. If not then you can simply charge the batteries over night for the next working day. If you are looking for fork truck hire

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The electric forklift truck requires fewer parts to it than other forklift trucks that are available and they have less running costs. Electric forklift trucks generally tend to be higher in cost at first purchase than other powered trucks but because it costs less to run they will still be the cheaper option in the long run. At Fork Truck Solutions site there is an endless supply of information regarding fork lift

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