How To Make Money From Working At Home

How To Make Money From Working At Home


Adam S Harding

Let\’s look at how to make money from working at home by presenting a number of ideas.

These ideas for how to make money from working at home do work, but it is a matter of picking the method that makes the best fit for you and focusing on it without distraction. I will also reveal one of the best ways to get started making money from home for even the complete beginner.

1. Work From Home Jobs – Many people first start out looking to make money from working at home by applying for work from home jobs. This is kind of like having a typical 9 to 5 job, but you get to do the work at home and not the office.

Common work at home jobs include freelance writing, data entry, virtual assistant work, processing emails, social media management, and more. There is likely to be lots of this sort of work available on sites such as Elance, Fiverr and Odesk but the pay can be quite low and competition for these roles is high.


2. Affiliate Marketing – One of the best and most fun ways to earn money by working from home is with affiliate marketing. This has a very low level of entry requirement and in many cases you don\’t even need your own website (although it does help).

With affiliate marketing you can make residual income from home that comes in each day whether you work or not. It does take an initial bit of hard work, however, but when you have everything in place it really starts to snowball.

Look to build your own network of affiliate review sites as well as work on your list building strategies and you should be in good shape.

3. Paid Surveys – This is similar to a work at home job, but you get to do as much or as little work as you like and you don\’t have to answer to an employer. The key to profiting from paid surveys is to find legitimate sites that will give you a constant stream of them to fill in. The pay will be very low, but it is easy and flexible work for a bit of extra cash from home.

You could probably make even more money with paid surveys by promoting these programs as an affiliate with a popular CPA network (look at ODigger and OfferVault for ideas) instead of actually filling them out yourself.

4. Online Business Opportunities – This is similar to affiliate marketing, but you usually have to buy the products you want to sell first. And the commissions are usually structured over multiple tiers in a kind of network marketing style compensation plan.

There are quite a few of these offers popping up today with the likes of Neucopia, Pure Leverage, Empower Network, DotComSecrets X, Six Figure Mentors, and others.

The power to online business opportunities is that you are usually provided with a complete marketing system out of the box, the buy-in requirement means less competition, and there is the potential for some high ticket earnings with the backend sales funnels of these systems.

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