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GPS stand for Global Positioning System. Its name itself implies that GPS is a worldwide real-time location tracking solution for every merchandise or vehicle.

Basically, Real-time GPS is a Satellite based tracking system which is especially designed to meet both personal as well as business needs. In other words, GPS Locator works as an ideal solution for improving efficiency and productivity in any service-based business companies and it s beneficial for personal vehicles also.

This GPS technique is the best way of tracking the exact location of the vehicle with the help of wireless tracking device. This device works on the concept of signals which it receives from GPS satellites. The GPS chipset inside the GPS device receives the latitudes and longitudes. These coordinates is sent to the server through GPRS. And the application which runs on the server shows the details as required by the user. There are various benefits of GPS installed vehicles. Some of them are:-

1. Tracking the vehicle at real-time: It indicates that a GPS device enables its clients to track current location of his vehicles or fleet.

2. SMS/E-mail alerts: It is the best facility of its which is transmitted whenever an event occurs. Some of the notifications are:-


i. Real time tracking alerts.

ii. Auto tracking of the vehicle by sending an alert message at a set interval of time.

iii. Over speed alert notifies the client whenever a specific speed limit exceeds.

iv. Also, it reports the customer s while stopping as well as restarting of the vehicle. In short, at any movement user can receive the alerts.

v. Immobilization of the vehicle. Its means user can stop the vehicle remotely if needed.

vi. Status reporting for ignition, AC, and speed.

3. Monitors the total fuel consumption: Generally, It means GPS Tracking System keeps on updating its customer about the current reading of fuel. And the reports of its consumption in past.

4. Guard and enhance the security of vehicle: It reduces the percentages of vehicle theft and improves the safety power for vehicles. In case of emergency like theft or drunk driver is running the vehicle, the owner can remotely switch off the ignition of his vehicle to avoid the fatal results.

5. Better vehicle supervision: This full-featured GPS technique allows its customers to pinpoint the exact location of their vehicle round the clock.

6. Reduce the maintenance cost: Rather than investing the maintenance cost on phone calls and fuels like obvious things, GPS reduces the fuel cost, labor cost, etc and increases the revenue from it.

Thus, A GPS Tracking System is a full featured technique which plays a significant role in monitoring the vehicle effectively. And it has proven as a perfect way of increasing the efficiency of business.

For retaining higher productivity of employees, GPS device locator becomes necessity for every business. In this way, it helps to increase the revenue of their businesses as well.

Therefore, GPS and its features and reports not only increase business of the service based companies but also reduce their worries.

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