8 Ways To Live Longer

1. Eat Less Food

The first way to live longer is to eat less food. People eat for enjoyment so they try to stuff all of the food that they can into their belly. Find other ways to become fulfilled and happy. Studies with different animals showed that when they fed the animals less than they wanted to eat, they lived longer. Probably the best measurement for quantity of food is calories.

When you eat plant foods, they have fiber, unlike animal foods. Fiber helps the body to prevent many health problems and it has no calories. Also another way to eat less is to take vacations from eating. This is known as fasting. So instead of trying to eat less everyday, every once in a while go a couple of days without eating. Some of the people that have fasted include Jesus, Moses, Mahatma Gandhi, Pythagoras, Buddha and Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln even created some national days of fasting.

2. Do Exercise

The body was designed to do work and that is how people used to get their exercise. Exercise is needed by the body to operate properly. An exercise like yoga can help you to be happier, eat less, be more relaxed, be more agile and improve all areas of your life. By reducing stress it can even help you to live longer. It can be done right inside of your house without any equipment.

An exercise like weight lifting or resistance training helps to keep people from losing muscle that happens when people age. They do not look thinner since they also gain fat. Also exercise can help a little in keeping you thin. Of course eating less calories can help you to be thin. The more muscle that your body has, the more calories that your body burns while you are sleeping. Fat does not burn calories but muscle does.

3. Get as Much Sleep As You Can

You can eat too much and get too much exercise but you cannot sleep too much. Why not? How is this unlike the other two? It is not under your conscious control. If it were then Michael Jackson could have force himself to go to sleep. Since it was not under his conscious control he needed to take drugs (medications) to get to sleep and it killed him. Some people sleep 24 hours a day (called a come) since it is not under their conscious control. You can force yourself to get too little sleep and many do this.

Studies show that the more that people sleep, the less they weight. While sleeping the body produces a hormone called leptin. It reduces appetite. Many medical doctors say that sleep is bad for you. You have not heard this since they do not use those words since it would sound stupid. Actually they say this since they do not know that they saying it. They say that sleeping is bad for you but you cannot sleep unless you fast. The first meal of the day is called break-fast.

4. Use Herbs Instead of Medications

Do you know of any celebrities that have died from taking herbs? Michael Jackson was not the only celebrity that died from taking medications. It also happened to Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy and Bruce Lee. I do not know of any celebrities that died from taking herbs. Herbs have been used for healing for thousands of years.

In the late 1800s the most popular method of healing in the United States by medical doctors was bleeding or bloodletting. George Washington had a very sore throat so the top doctors around, bled 3 pints of blood from him and he died. So next time you are in your doctor’s office, tell him or her that you want the presidential treatment that George Washington got. Actually some of the medications come from herbs like the treatment for malaria.

5. Consume Less Salt

WebMD has an article saying that salt is worse for you than smoking. So if you are pregnant and want your baby and you to be healthier, than start smoking and quit consuming salt! This is so common place that people do not question it. Having black slaves was so commonplace that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are considered great men even though they had black slaves.

People have the hardest time understanding why salt is so bad for you. Salt is a chemical and not a food. It stimulates appetite and causes people to eat more. It has no calories. Why not? It is not a food. A teaspoon of salt contains the sodium in over 100 pounds of food even if it is a natural unprocessed rock. If a person puts 4 ounces of salt in a quart of water and drinks it, he will die. Note that I am not a medical doctor so I cannot give medical advice. So consult your doctor before trying the above.

So when the person dies, what will be the cause of death? If you do not know, maybe you should read the above again. The cause of death would be hypernatremia or too much natrium. Natrium is the Latin word for sodium and that is why the chemical symbol for sodium is Na. I eat all of these foods like potatoes without salt and they taste great. In almost all the other spices (also called herbs), they are foods and are also healthy for you. So I use them, like turmeric.

6. Drink Green Tea instead of Water

Drinking water that is not purified with reverse osmosis or distillation is bad for health. They found that the groundwater around the U.S. is polluted with different things including medications like the ones above that have killed celebrities. Spring water has minerals in it like the ones that are in urine. When we used water in chemistry lab in college, we used triple distilled water. So you can take pure water and make green tea and now you have a very healthy food to drink. You can drink your greens.

Green tea may be the healthiest herb that there is but it is definitely the most popular herb. If one has a problem with caffeine, there is green tea without caffeine in it. But green tea has a substance in it called theanine that reverses the bad effects of caffeine. Drinking green tea helps people to lose weight due to the EGCG in it. To get the green tea without pesticides in it, you can get organic green tea.

7. Make sure to get enough vitamin D.

A study showed that 73% of Americans do not get enough vitamin D. I read a story about how 20 years of suffering from fibromyalgia was cured. It was a long story covering all the details but the clue was when the woman visited her sister in another state, she did not have all the symptoms. So she was given enough vitamin D and her fibromyalgia was gone. Her sister lived in a state much closer to the equator where people can get more vitamin D from the sun.

Not having enough vitamin D can cause many different problems. One of the most common problems cause by a deficiency of vitamin D is muscle and joint pains. When I say enough, I mean enough is enough. You can ask your doctor to check your blood levels of vitamin D to see if you have enough. If you have less than enough than it is a deficiency.

8. Grounding or Earthing

Grounding or Earthing is a new science based on people not being able to get rid of excess static electricity in the body since they do not walk barefoot or lie on the ground. Studies show that it can create more stress and make it harder to sleep. So people have used ways to compensate for this so they can have less stress and sleep better.

David Wolfe is an expert on natural health and a multi-millionaire. He goes everywhere in bare feet since he feels a significant difference from doing this. They now have special shoes to help with this. He also keeps a pad under his desk that is connected to the ground that he keeps his feet on. Some appliances have a third prong for the ground. This helps to drain the excess electricity from the appliance that can build up. His pad is connected to that ground in a plug.

Is your body electrical? What is the difference between a heart seizure and a heart attack? It is the difference between electrical and plumbing. A heart seizure is usually an electrical problem with the heart whole a heart attack is due to the heart not getting enough blood because of a blockage.

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