Surveying Property Boundary And Surveying Instruments

Surveying Property Boundary and Surveying Instruments


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Land is among the most valuable pieces of property a person can have, and probably one of the costliest as well. Although expensive, most people would choose to buy land rather than to lease it. They think it is better to pay a huge amount now and own it rather than pay the same or even bigger amount little by little with no payoff at the end.

Every property is identified by boundaries measured accurately by surveying. Marks are placed at the corners of every property to establish a specific perimeter that will distinguish one property from another. Establishing those marks protects an owner s privacy. In fact, some even choose to put a fence around their property so that it will remain separate and inaccessible to outsiders.

Surveying is performed by a professional surveyor, usually a geodetic or civil engineer. The job involves a lot computation and the complicated maneuvering of necessary equipment, many countries consider it as a major discipline and a separate profession. In some countries, surveying is taken up as a separate course from geodetic engineering and civil engineering. It is also a major subject taken in any course related to the construction of vertical and horizontal structures.

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The usual instruments used by surveyors include the transit, levels and accessories. Transits and levels are all the same instruments but they differ in the data produced using them. A transit is what surveyors use when they want to establish accurate positioning a property s boundaries by computing the distance of corner points from one another through angles. Manufacturers like Leica allow surveyors to

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transits in packages with all the required accessories.

A level is different from transit in that levels have more limited uses. Mostly, it is only used for measuring the elevation of the land from point to point and compares elevations with a standard or true horizon. Those who

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levels can distinguish its functions simply through its construction.

Transits have a more flexible function and can be utilized as a level if necessary in the absence of a real level. Some choose to

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transits only instead of buying both to save money. Each of these instruments are very costly, especially those that professional land surveyors use in measuring property boundaries.

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