Overcoming Pet Friendly Issues In Apartment Dwelling

Submitted by: Jerri Nice D. Torres

It s difficult to find an apartment that allows you to have pets. And when you do, there are a few issues that you need to adapt to.

One of the most urgent and most important concerns is with regards potty training. For first time pet owners who do not have any idea how to begin this task, here are a few tips. And for those who have previous experience with potty training their pets, read on as there might be a few reminders that will be helpful.

The technique related to potty training your pet begins with confining them in an enclosed space such as a cage, a crate or a small room. They can understand where you want them to eliminate when you have placed them in a certain place for a certain period of time.

But, do make sure that you have placed them where there is enough space for them to eliminate as well as sleep in.

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You can also incorporate praises when they have exhibited the right behavior and when they have eliminated in the right place. You can also scold them by using a more stern tone of voice. Some dog owners use leashes to train their pets.

The right timing should also be observed. Most pets usually eliminate a little time after they have had their meal for that time of the day. With this in mind, you can direct them to the place where you allow them to eliminate and repeat this until your pet understands the pattern. Also, you may want to consider the amount of time that has passed after their last potty break. Younger pets can stay for as long as a couple of hours while older ones can go at least half a day. When that certain time has elapsed, it is time for you to take them out.

When you want your pet to sleep or stay in a crate or a cage while you are living in an apartment, you have to train it to do so. Some pets may be apprehensive to get into the crate voluntarily. Do make sure that you don t push them inside it. Some have to use baits to avoid having to shove their pets inside crates when they are not too cooperative.

Remember that you might only have to do this for the first few times. Later on, your pet will understand that you want them in the crate. They can get in it voluntarily and without too much effort from you.

When your pet keeps whining or barking while inside the crate, it is wise not to let it out. You have to wait until it calms down. This makes them think that you will not allow them to get out of the crate no matter how much they whine or bark.

And when you have a problem with your dog endlessly barking in the middle of the night, there are a few things that you can try. First, you can give them something to do until they get tired of it and just fall asleep. You can also give your dog an enjoyable toy.

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